The Ultimate in Thermal Protection

Brings your tanks in from the cold.


Custom Tank Wrap Insulation
for Water Heaters and Water Tanks

  • Meets ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1b
  • Custom Fit to Any Size Tank
  • Quick Ship - Drop Ship Direct to Site
  • Easy to Install or Remove in Minutes
  • Eliminates Factory Installed Insulation as well as wood crating, which can be damaged during transportation
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Key Features

Iniflex insulation has many atributes that make it a preferred insulation for many tank installations.


Iniflex provides a simple solution for thermally protecting your water heater or water tanks.

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Iniflex is a custom-manufactured to your exact tank dimensions, and can be shipped to your job site within four weeks.

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Iniflex can be used on vertical or horizontal tanks in indoor or outdoor installations.

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Iniflex's superior insulating capacity is nearly double that of cellular glass insulation.  The thickness can be manufactured to your specifications.

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Iniflex can be installed on-site within minutes, and if necessary, Iniflex can be removed just as quickly. 

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Iniflex is the ultimate in thermal protection. With payback occuring in as little as six months.

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