INIFLEX™ can be used on vertical or horizontal tanks in either inside or outside applications. The INIFLEX™ design consists of a rectangular-shaped section which is attached around the cylindrical portion of your tank, as well as one circular cap for a vertical tank, or two circular caps for a horizontal tank.
You can easily install INIFLEX™ on-site within minutes, and if necessary, INIFLEX™ can be removed just as quickly. INIFLEX's™ rugged construction includes flame-retardant polyurethane foam, and a durable PVC vinyl cover that can be easily cleaned with mild, non-abrasive soap and water.
INIFLEX's™ superior insulating capability is nearly double that of cellular glass insulation. The thickness of the jackets can be manufactured to your spe
INIFLEX™ is truly the ULTIMATE IN THERMAL PROTECTION. With payback occurring in as little as six months, isn't it time for you to BRING YOUR TANK IN FROM THE COLD? Fill out the information request form and we will rush you additional information or a quote.
INIFLEX insulating jacket installed in the field. Thermally protect your water heater or water tank. For use on horizontal or vertical tanks. INIFLEX can be used on tanks made by A.O. Smith, State Supply, Wessels, Weben Jarco, BFS, John Wood Company, Lochinvar, Cemline, Shipco, Rheem, American Water Heater, Bradford White, and others.
Cut-away View of INIFLEX insulating jacket. Energy Savings can payback this investment in as little as six months.







INIFLEX™ provides a simple solution for thermally protecting your water heaters or water tanks. INIFLEX™ is custom-manufactured to your exact tank dimensions, and can be shipped to your job site within four weeks.