Custom Tank Wrap Insulation for Water Heaters & Water Tanks

  • Meets ASHRAE / IES Standard 90.1b

     - Superior insulating cability up to R-20

  • Custom Fit to Any Size Tank
  • Quick Delivery

       - Drop ship direct to site
       - Custom-Crafted to your tank specifications in less than 4 weeks.

  • Easy to INSTALL / REMOVE in Minutes

       -Velcro On / Off
       - No Mess
       -Flexible; accommodates on-site modifications if necessary

  • Eliminates Factory Installed Insulation

        -No wood crating for shipment needed (Cost Savings)
        -No concern over damage to insulation during transporation
        -No concern over factory installed insulation deteriorating over time.                    -Reduces lead time.

Recommended Thickness for Your Tank:

The minimum insulation requirements are set forth by ASHRAE/I ES Standard 90-1 and by Federal Public Law 102-486, “Energy Policy Act of 1992” (Subtitle C, Section 342a,5,G). As of January 1, 1994, storage water heaters and hot water storage tanks having more than 140 gallons of storage capacity must meet more rigid thermal energy standards. These standards can meet standby loss or heat loss requirements if the tank surface area is thermally insulated to R -12.5 and if a standing pilot light is not used.

K Factor Versus Temperature

The K Factor of foam changes with the temperature of the foam. The chart below was obtained by Test Method C 117-87 which allows a better precision than other tests and which also allows measuring the K Factor for the range the foam can withstand.

Iniflex Foam Physical Properties